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Wendy Morgan Quotes and Quotations

If any of you are related to our main guest, let me know so I can speak slowly.
I don't want to be patronizing . . . that means "talking down."
I was chosen to speak today based on my senility.
A lot of you want me to hurry through the introduction. That's because you're so much older you don't want to waste a minute of your life.
A decorator can make lots of money - assuming she wins the lottery.
- Wendy Morgan | Business Quotes
He's always been known to be entrepenurious.
- Wendy Morgan | Business Quotes
Let us eat and drink: for tomorrow we diet.
I'm not much of a drinker. It only takes me one drink to get drunk . . . my fourth.
My husband lost a lot of weight on a new diet, and I resent it. It's simple, he just doesn't eat when I'm talking.
- Wendy Morgan | Health Quotes
They say the Japanese don't experience menopause or hot flashes. If that's the case, why are they the number-one fan-producing country in the world?
- Wendy Morgan | Health Quotes
I don't give my weight. I weigh a hundred and plenty.
- Wendy Morgan | Health Quotes
When she told her doctor that she always wanted to keep her weight exactly the same as her IQ, he gave her a lecture on anorexia.
- Wendy Morgan | Insults Quotes
My husband yells comments like "How long till you're ready? Throw out a date."
- Wendy Morgan | Love and Marriage Quotes
My sister started to smell trouble when on the second day of her honeymoon the groom started asking for separate checks.
- Wendy Morgan | Love and Marriage Quotes
He says he's not broke, but he is trying to sell his kidney and corneas.
- Wendy Morgan | Money Quotes
He is so aware of being politically correct he refers to a taco as Hispanic food.
- Wendy Morgan | Politics Quotes
If there's a God, why are there such things as famine and The Jerry Springer Show.
- Wendy Morgan | Religion Quotes
As a woman I resent the fact that in golf if I have the highest score, I'm the loser.
- Wendy Morgan | Sports Quotes
I get confused with all the rules in golf. Let's say you're playing in L.A. and your ball lands on a dead body. Is your relief one or two club lengths?
- Wendy Morgan | Sports Quotes
My golf is getting better all the time. Today I parred all but sixteen holes.
- Wendy Morgan | Sports Quotes
I don't believe in astrology - of course, that's very typical of Leos.
- Wendy Morgan | Vices and Foibles Quotes
I'd like to thank the committee that brought this event about. It was an equal endeavor. They did the food, decorations, and reservations, and I did the traffic flow.

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