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Abraham Flexner
Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher
Admiral John Fisher
Alberta Flanders
Alexander D. Fleming
American Folksong
Anatole France
Anna Ford
Anna Freud
Anne Frank
Annie Johnson Flint
Arlene Francis
Arthur Davison Ficke
B. C. Forbes
Beaumont and Fletcher
Ben Franklin
Benjamin F. Fairless
Benjamin Franklin
Benton Fraser
Bernard de Fontenelle
Bernice Fitz-Gibbon
Betty Friedan
Bill Foster
Brendan Francis
Buckminster Fuller
Carlos Fuentes
Carrie Fisher
Casey Fenton
Charles Frohman
Charles G. Finney
Charles H. Fowler
Charles James Fox
Charles Macomb Flandrau
Charles O. Finley
Chris Fawcett
Christopher Fry
Clement Freud
Clifton Fadiman
Colonel Michael Friedman
Cynthia Friedman
D. O. Flynn
Daniel Frohman
Daphne Frasier
David Dudley Field
David Ferguson
David Frost
David Harold Fink
De Finod
Debbi Fields
Dennis Flanagan
Diane von Furstenberg
Dianne Feinstein
Don Ford
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Dorothy Fadiman
Dorothy Fields
Dorothy Fuldheim
Dr. Ann Faraday
Dr. Martha Friedman
Dr. William F. Fry
E. M. Forster
Edgar Friedenberg
Edgar Z. Friedenberg
Edna Ferber
Edward Fitzgerald
Edward S. Finkelstein
Edwin Forrest
Eleanor Farjeon
Elizabeth Fishel
Elizabeth Foley
Elizabeth Fuller
Ella Fitzgerald
Emmet Fox
Erich Fromm
Eugene Field
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fannie Flagg
Fanny Fern
Federico Fellini
Felix Frankfurter
Floyd V. Filson
Frances Farmer
Francois de Fenelon
Francois Fenelon
Frank Field
Fred Friendley
Frederic W. Farrar
Frederick Franck
Frederick W. Faber
G. W. Follin
Gene Ferret
Gene Fowler
Geoffrey Fisher
George Farquhar
George Foreman
Gerald B. Fitzgerald
Gerald Ford
Geraldine Ferraro
Gustave Flaubert
Harrison Ford
Harry Emerson Fosdick
Harvey Fergusson
Harvey Fierstein
Henry Fielding
Henry Fonda
Henry Ford
Horace Fletcher
Immanuel Hermann von Fichte
Isaac Friedmann
J. A. Froude
James A. Farley
James A. Froude
James Fixx
James Froude
James T. Farrell
James W. Fulbright
Jane Fonda
Janet Flanner
Jean de la Fontaine
Jean Paul Fichter
Jean-Henri Fabre
Jerome P. Fleishman
Jerry Delia Femina
Jerry Feliciotto
Joanna Field
Jodie Foster
Joe Frazier
John Finley
John Fiske
John Fletcher
John Florio
John Fortunato
John Foster
John Fountain
John Fowles
John H. Finley
John Hancock Field
Jon Franklin
Joseph Farrell
Joseph Fletcher
Julius Fucik
Katherine Francke
Kathleen Whalen Fitzgerald
Kee Flynn
Lady Willie Forbus
Laurence Ferlinghetti
Lawrence K. Frank
Leighton Ford
Leslie H. Farber
Lloyd Frankenberg
Lord Thomson of Fleet
Louis Fischer
M. F. K. Fisher
Malcolm Forbes
Margaret Fontey
Margaret Fuller
Margaret Witter Fuller
Margot Fonteyn
Maria Irene Fornes
Marie de France
Marilyn Ferguson
Marilyn French
Marshal Ferdinand Foch
Martin Fenton
Martin Friedman
Martin H. Fischer
Martin H. Fisher
Mary Parker Follett
Matthew Fox
Maurice Freehill
Max Frisch
Michael Frayn
Miles Franklin
Millicent Fenwick
Millicent Garrett Fawcett
Milton Friedman
Muriel Fox
Nan Fairbrother
Nancy Friday
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Nels F. S. Ferre
Northrop Frye
Oliver Franks
Oriana Fallaci
Oscar W. Firkins
Otto Friedrich
Owen Felltham
Patricia Fripp
Paul Flemming
Paul Frost
Peggy Fleming
Peter Taylor Forsyth
R. Buckminster Fuller
R. I. Fitzhenry
Rachel Field
Rae Foley
Raymond B. Fosdick
Rebecca Falls
Richard Feynman
Robert E. Frederick
Robert Frost
Robert Fulford
Robert Fulghum
Robert M. Fine
Roberta Flack
Rose Franken
Rose N. Franzblau
Ruth P. Freedman
Saint Angela of Foligno
Sally Field
Sam Walter Foss
Samuel Fessenden
Shelby Foote
Sigmund Freud
Sir James Frazer
Spencer M. Free
Susan Faludi
Susan Ferrier
The Desert Fathers
Theodore Fontane
Thomas Fitzosborne
Thomas Fuller
Timothy Foote
Timothy Fuller
Viktor Frankl
W. C. Fields
William Faulkner
William Feather
Zelda Fitzgerald
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