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All I can say about life is, Oh God, enjoy it!
One of man's finest qualities is described by the simple word "guts"-the ability to take it. If you have the discipline to stand fast when your body wants to run, if you can control your temper and remain cheerful in the face of monotony or disappointment, you have "guts" in the soldiering sense.
Some people want to see God with their eyes as they see a cow, and to love Him as they love their cow-for the milk and cheese and profit it brings them. This is how it is with people who love God for the sake of outward wealth or inward comfort.
Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.
Fight on, my merry men all, I'm a little wounded, but I am not slain; I will lay me down for to bleed a while, Then I'll rise and fight with you again.
Some pursue happiness, others create it.
Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.
Love must have wings to fly away from love, And to fly back again.
We rarely confide in those who are better than we are.
Posterity will say as usual: "In the past things were better, the present is worse than the past."
A rag and a bone and a hank of hair.
He claimed his modest share of the general foolishness of the human race.
It is always safe to assume that people are more subtle and less sensitive than they seem.
Life is a hospital in which every patient is possessed by the desire of changing his bed. One would prefer to suffer near the fire, and another is certain he would get well if he were by the window.
The first springs of great events, like those of great rivers, are often mean and little.
If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.
Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.
A man who has been the indisputable favourite of his mother keeps for life the feeling of a conqueror.
You can never plan the future by the past.

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Success is never found. Failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing.
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