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Northrop Frye Quotes and Quotations

Advertising - a judicious mixture of flattery and threats.
- Northrop Frye | Advertising Quotes
The bible should be taught so early and so thoroughly that it sinks straight to the bottom of the mind where everything that comes along can settle on it.
- Northrop Frye | The Bible Quotes
The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.
- Northrop Frye | Books and Reading Quotes
Americans like to make money: Canadians like to audit it. I know no country where accountants have a higher social and moral status.
- Northrop Frye | Canada and Canadians Quotes
Separatism is a very healthy movement within culture. It's a disastrous movement within politics and economics.
- Northrop Frye | Canada and Canadians Quotes
We are being swallowed up by the popular culture of the United States, but then the Americans are being swallowed up by it too. It's just as much a threat to American culture as it is to ours.
- Northrop Frye | Canada and Canadians Quotes
Our country has shown a lack of will to resist its own disintegration .. . Canada is practically the only country left in the world which is a pure colony; colonial in psychology as well as in mercantile economics.
- Northrop Frye | Canada and Canadians Quotes
The human landscape of the New World shows a conquest of nature by an intelligence that does not love it.
- Northrop Frye | Civilization Quotes
We must reject that most dismal and fatuous notion that education is a preparation for life.
- Northrop Frye | Education Quotes
The simplest questions are the hardest to answer.
- Northrop Frye | Knowledge Quotes
War appeals to young men because it is fundamentally auto-eroticism.
- Northrop Frye | War Quotes
There is only one way to degrade mankind permanently and that is to destroy language.
- Northrop Frye | Words and Language Quotes
Writing: I certainly do rewrite my central myth in every book, and would never read or trust any writer who did not also do so.
- Northrop Frye | Writers and Writing Quotes
Beauty and truth may be attributes of good writing, but if the writer deliberately aims at truth, he is likely to find that what he has hit is the didactic.
- Northrop Frye | Writers and Writing Quotes

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