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Self-Pity Quotes and Quotations

Self-pity comes so naturally to all of us.
Every man supposes himself not to be fully understood or appreciated.
Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.
What poison is to food, self-pity is to life.
It's odd that you can get so anesthetized by your own pain or your own problem that you don't quite fully share the hell of someone close to you.
Grumbling is the death of love.
Being sorry for myself is a luxury I can't afford.
To feel sorry for oneself is one of the most disintegrating things the individual can do to himself.
Self-pity is one of the most dangerous forms of self-centeredness. It fogs our vision.
To hear complaints is wearisome to the wretched and the happy alike.
Sympathy is never wasted except when you give it to yourself.
The opposite of having faith is having self-pity.
Optimism and self-pity are the positive and negative poles of modern cowardice.
He who complains, sins.
This life is not for complaint, but for satisfaction.
Is life so wretched? Isn't it rather your hands which are too small, your vision which is muddled? You are the one who must grow up.
There is only one way to end a self-pity cycle: stop comparing yourself to others, and simply follow Christ.
Suffering isn't ennobling, recovery is.
You can overcome anything if you don't bellyache.
There is only one way to end a self-pity cycle: stop comparing yourself to others, and simply follow Christ.
Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand.
When any fit of gloominess, or perversion of mind, lays hold upon you, make it a rule not to publish it by complaints.
The secret of being miserable is to have leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is occupation.
The cure for grief is motion.
I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It's amazing how it cheers one up to shred oranges or scrub the floor.
When you find yourself overpowered, as it were, by melancholy, the best way is to go out and do something.
The best mask for demoralization is daring.
Self-pity is a death that has no resurrection, a sinkhole from which no rescuing hand can drag you because you have chosen to sink.
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.
I am convinced, the longer I live, that life and its blessings are not so entirely unjustly distributed as when we are suffering greatly we are inclined to suppose.
Despair is the absolute extreme of self-love. It is reached when a man deliberately turns his back on all help from anyone else in order to taste the rotten luxury of knowing himself to be lost.
Our family never had any hard luck, because nothing seemed hard luck to it, nor was it ever disgraced for there was nothing which it would acknowledge as disgrace.
Others may argue about whether the world ends with a bang or a whimper. I just want to make sure mine doesn't end with a whine.
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough Without ever having felt sorry for itself.
Old age is no place for sissies.
Every message of despair is the statement of a situation from which everybody must freely try to find a way out.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
Opposition may become sweet to a man when he has christened it persecution.
A man's as miserable as he thinks he is.
Your distress about life might mean you have been living for the wrong reason, not that you have no reason for living.
Children seldom have a proper sense of their own tragedy, discounting and keeping hidden the true horrors of their short lives, humbly imagining real calamity to be some prestigious drama of the grown-up world.
It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.
I'm not overweight, I'm just nine inches too short.
Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue.
The human mind can bear plenty of reality, but not too much unintermit-tent gloom.
Misery is a communicable disease.
If you believe, then you hang on. If you believe, it means you've got imagination, you don't need stuff thrown out on a blueprint, and don't face facts - what can stop you? If I don't make it today, I'll come in tomorrow.
Never give way to melancholy; resist it steadily, for the habit will encroach.
Despair is criminal.
Even the cry from the depths is an affirmation: Why cry if there is no hint or hope of hearing?

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