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Friends and Family Quotes and Quotations

I figure if I have my health, can pay the rent and I have my friends, I call it "content."
You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you get it, you go home and share it with your family.
If you have a good name, if you are right more often than you are wrong, if your children respect you, if your grandchildren are glad to see you, if your friends can count on you and you can count on them in time of trouble, if you can face your God and say "I have done my best," then you are a success.
Is there any stab as deep as wondering where and how much you failed those you loved?
My darling little girl-child, after such a long and troublesome waiting I now have you in my arms. I am alone no more, I have my baby.
A sympathetic friend can be quite dear as a brother.
There's a time when you have to explain to your children why they were born, and it's a marvelous thing if you know the reason by then.
Disorder in the society is the result of disorder in the family.
To nourish children and raise them against odds is in any time, any place, more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons.
I believe that we are always attracted to what we need most, an instinct leading us towards the persons who are to open new vistas in our lives and fill them with new knowledge.
If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.
Friends are relatives you make for yourself.
The darn trouble with cleaning the house is it gets dirty the next day anyway, so skip a week if you have to. The children are the most important thing.
The presidency is temporary-but the family is permanent.
Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.
God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends.
A good friend is my nearest relation.
It seems to me that since I've had children, I've grown richer and deeper. They may have slowed down my writing for a while, but when I did write, I had more of a self to speak from.
All love that has not friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand.
One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.
Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.

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If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
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