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William Butler Yeats Quotes and Quotations

Style, personality - deliberately adopted and therefore a mask - is the only escape from the hot-faced bargainers and money-changers.
- William Butler Yeats | Character and Personality Quotes
The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.
- William Butler Yeats | Conviction and Belief Quotes
The worst thing about some men is that when they are not drunk they are sober.
- William Butler Yeats | Drink, Drinking and Drinkers Quotes
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
- William Butler Yeats | Education Quotes
Too long a sacrifice Can make a stone of the heart.
- William Butler Yeats | Goodness and Giving Quotes
The intellect of man is forced to choose Perfection of the life or of the work.
- William Butler Yeats | Intellect Quotes
Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.
- William Butler Yeats | Life Quotes
Wine comes in at the mouth and love comes in at the eye; that's all we shall know for truth before we grow old and die.
- William Butler Yeats | Love Quotes
Only that which does not teach, which does not cry out, which does not condescend, which does not explain, is irresistible.
- William Butler Yeats | Morality and Ethics Quotes
All empty souls tend to extreme opinion.
- William Butler Yeats | Opinion Quotes
Of our conflicts with others we make rhetoric; of our conflicts with ourselves we make poetry.
- William Butler Yeats | Poets and Poetry Quotes
A statesman is an easy man, He tells his lies by rote; A journalist makes up his lies And takes you by the throat; So stay at home and drink your beer And let the neighbours vote.
- William Butler Yeats | Politics Quotes
Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult.
- William Butler Yeats | Secrets and Secrecy Quotes
Joy is the will which labours, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.
- William Butler Yeats | Happiness Quotes
Florence Farr once said to me, "If we could say to ourselves, with sincerity, 'this passing moment is as good as any I shall ever know,' we could die upon the instant and be united with God."
- William Butler Yeats | This Moment Quotes
People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.
- William Butler Yeats | Instincts Quotes
No man has ever lived that had enough of children's gratitude or woman's love.
- William Butler Yeats | Family Quotes
Joy is the will which labors, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.
- William Butler Yeats | Lighten up Quotes
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree; But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.
- William Butler Yeats | Youth Quotes

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